6 lbs lighter, 9 weeks to go!

I was looking at a calendar and realised yesterday that we are 9 weeks away from being able to try for a baby.  That is nothing!  I am so excited to finally be reaching this point in my life.  

I weighed myself yesterday and have lost 3 more pounds!  A total of 6 pounds with 7 to go before I’m in a healthy bmi.  I haven’t decided whether I’ll readjust my goals once I reach my goal weight and keep losing or just work on maintaining.  I suppose that will depend on how quickly I lose the rest of the weight.  This is, perhaps, the first time I have had so much motivation and stuck with a routine for so long.  Having my husband do it with me has helped a lot, but I think having a specific motivation that I really desire has helped, too.  Plus, with every pound shed, I feel so much better!

My cycle is still wacky.  I think I’m at cd 32 and still haven’t o’ed yet.  Still waiting. Any day now, body.  Feel free to check in whenever you wake up and realise what’s happening.  I think what’s really happened is when I fasted one day, it disrupted my hormones, and then I’ve been stressing about it ever since which has put my body on hold.  So, I’m not going to obsess over it any more (or at least try not to).



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