A ttc blog.

Okay, I know it’s been awhile.  I tried to write a post the other day, wrote the whole thing out, and then it wouldn’t recognise the text for me to publish it.  So frustrating!

Anyway, a few things have happened lately that I feel a desire to share with you.  Last week, I established a routine of reading my Bible and devotional books/praying almost immediately after waking up and then getting dressed.  Well, as I began my week, I received news from several of my friends about tragic things going on in their families.  So, after I showered and dressed, I would clean the kitchen and pray as I cleaned.  Throughout the week, I felt a prompting to fast and pray on Friday.  I researched fasting a little bit and continued to feel the Spirit leading me to do this.

Fasting wasn’t as difficult as I thought.  The good news the day I started fasting is that fertility friend was showing that I ovulated on CD 20–one of the earliest ovulation days for me!  I think this diet and exercise thing is working.  Throughout the day of fasting and praying, God showed me a lot of things I didn’t expect, particularly in how I interact with my husband.  My affection needs some work, and I knew that night would be a perfect opportunity to practice my realisation.

Now we get to the ttc part of the rant.

I think I mentioned that we aren’t quite at the ttc stage yet.  We are waiting until I take a trip overseas in March, because I don’t want to have morning sickness on the plane and/or chance a miscarriage (although the chances are slim, if it did happen, I would always wonder if that had something to do with it).  So, we only do it with out contraception when we know (thanks to Taking Charge of Your Fertility) that it’s safe.  Well, on Friday, I was 3 dpo, the first day when it’s okay if you want to avoid pregnancy.  Saturday, my temperature plummeted and has stayed low ever since.  So, I’m confused.  Fertility friend still says I’ve ovulated, but usually, my temperatures have no problems after ovulation.  They stay high.

Well now, I’m 6 DPO, spotting, and wondering what is going on.  Could I be…?  Am I…?  No, surely not.

Only time will tell.  What do you think, ladies?



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